2015 Meeting Archive

2015 Overview

For the last 15 years, resolved stellar populations of nearby galaxies have rivaled distant galaxies in terms of their return on our understanding of both dark matter and galaxy formation.

The detailed dynamics, chemical and star formation histories of nearby objects provide a view that is complementary to the average history of the universe that can be stitched together from observing large ensembles of unresolved galaxies. In this conference, we will consider the questions “What can uniquely be learned about dark matter and the physics of galaxy formation from observations of resolved stellar populations?” and “How can we ensure that the next generation of facilities accomplishes this?” Through invited and contributed talks on state-of-the-art, near-field research on dark matter and galaxy formation and evolution, we aim to (i) pinpoint the highest priority open questions and (ii) foster new collaborative connections with an eye on answering these questions with next generation facilities.